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What is Apache Edgent?

Edgent provides APIs and a lightweight runtime to analyze streaming data at the edge.

What do you mean by the edge?

The edge includes devices, gateways, equipment, vehicles, systems, appliances and sensors of all kinds as part of the Internet of Things.

How is Apache Edgent used?

Edgent can be used at the edge of the Internet of Things, for example, to analyze data on devices, engines, connected cars, etc. Edgent could be on the device itself, or a gateway device collecting data from local devices. You can write an edge application on Edgent and connect it to a Cloud service, such as the IBM Watson IoT Platform. It can also be used for enterprise data collection and analysis; for example log collectors, application data, and data center analytics.

How are applications developed?

Applications are developed using a functional flow API to define operations on data streams that are executed as a graph of "oplets" in a lightweight embeddable runtime. The SDK provides capabilities like windowing, aggregation and connectors with an extensible model for the community to expand its capabilities.

What APIs does Apache Edgent support?

Currently, Edgent supports APIs for Java and Android. Support for additional languages, such as Python, is likely as more developers get involved. Please consider joining the Edgent open source development community to accelerate the contributions of additional APIs.

What type of analytics can be done with Apache Edgent?

Edgent provides windowing, aggregation and simple filtering. It uses Apache Common Math to provide simple analytics aimed at device sensors. Edgent is also extensible, so you can call existing libraries from within your Edgent application. In the future, Edgent will include more analytics, either exposing more functionality from Apache Common Math, other libraries or hand-coded analytics.

What connectors does Apache Edgent support?

Edgent supports connectors for MQTT, HTTP, JDBC, File, Apache Kafka and IBM Watson IoT Platform. Edgent is extensible; you can add the connector of your choice.

What centralized streaming analytic systems does Apache Edgent support?

Edgent supports open source technology (such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Flink and samza), IBM Streams (on-premises or IBM Streaming Analytics on Bluemix), or any custom application of your choice.

Why do I need Apache Edgent on the edge, rather than my streaming analytic system?

Edgent is designed for the edge, rather than a more centralized system. It has a small footprint, suitable for running on devices. Edgent provides simple analytics, allowing a device to analyze data locally and to only send to the centralized system if there is a need, reducing communication costs.

Why do I need Apache Edgent, rather than coding the complete application myself?

Edgent is a tool for edge analytics that allows you to be more productive. Edgent provides a consistent data model (streams and windows) and provides useful functionality, such as aggregations, joins, etc. Using Edgent lets you to take advantage of this functionality, allowing you to focus on your application needs.

Where can I download Apache Edgent?

Releases include source code and convenience binary bundles. The source code is also available on GitHub. The downloads page has all of the details.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Once you have downloaded Edgent, everything you need to know to get up and running, you will find here. We suggest you also run the Edgent sample programs to familiarize yourselves with the code base.

How can I get involved?

We would love to have your help! Visit Get Involved to learn more about how to get involved.

How can I contribute code?

Just submit a pull request and wait for a committer to review. For more information, visit our committer page and read DEVELOPMENT.md at the top of the code tree.

Can I become a committer?

Read about Edgent committers and how to become a committer here.

Can I take a copy of the code and fork it for my own use?

Yes. Edgent is available under the Apache 2.0 license which allows you to fork the code. We hope you will contribute your changes back to the Edgent community.

How do I suggest new features?

Click Issues to submit requests for new features. You may browse or query the Issues database to see what other members of the Edgent community have already requested.

How do I submit bug reports?

Click Issues to submit a bug report.

How do I ask questions about Apache Edgent?

Use the dev list to submit questions to the Edgent community.

Why is Apache Edgent open source?

With the growth of the Internet of Things there is a need to execute analytics at the edge. Edgent was developed to address requirements for analytics at the edge for IoT use cases that were not addressed by central analytic solutions. These capabilities will be useful to many organizations and that the diverse nature of edge devices and use cases is best addressed by an open community. Our goal is to develop a vibrant community of developers and users to expand the capabilities and real-world use of Edgent by companies and individuals to enable edge analytics and further innovation for the IoT space.

I see references to "Quarks." How does it relate to Apache Edgent?

Up until July 2016, Edgent was known as Quarks. Quarks was renamed due to the name not being unique enough.