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Official Apache Edgent releases are available for download from the ASF distribution site. A release consists of a source code bundle and a convenience binary bundle. See the table below for a release's download links.

If you just want to use Edgent, it is easiest to download and unpack a binary bundle. The bundle includes the release's Javadoc. The Javadoc is also accessible online. For more information, please refer to the Getting started guide.

A source bundle contains a README describing how to build the sources.

If you want to access the latest unreleased Edgent source or contribute to the Edgent runtime development, use the GitHub repository. You can also select a particular release version by release tag (e.g., 1.0.0-incubating). See README.md and DEVELOPMENT.md in the repository for more information.

See the community page for more information about contributing to Edgent development.

Apache Edgent Releases

It is essential that you verify the integrity of a downloaded bundle. See how to verify for details on verifying using downloaded KEYS, PGP signature, MD5, or SHA information.

Download the KEYS file for verifying a bundle's PGP signature.

Version Date Bundles Release Notes Docs PGP MD5 SHA
1.1.0-incubating 2017-03-20 Source 1.1.0 Release Javadoc ASC MD5 SHA
Binary ASC MD5 SHA
1.0.0-incubating 2016-12-15 Source 1.0.0 Release Javadoc ASC MD5 SHA
Binary ASC MD5 SHA